Friday, 4 January 2013

Whitchurch 20mph Pilot Consultation


The official deadline is drawing near, but slightly later responses will still be considered, so get your views known, whether you live in the proposed zones, or not.

Questionnaires went out to Whitchurch residents of roads, where a 20 mph pilot is proposed.

I also encourage other residents, including those that don’t live in Whitchurch, who wish to express views, to email their observations to me or to, with the subject heading: WHITCHURCH 20mph.

All responses need to be in by 4th January 2013, but slightly later responses will still be included for consideration.

The consultation has started for the 20 mph pilot in Whitchurch and residents, where it is planned for the pilot to be implemented, are receiving questionnaires through their letter boxes.

Whitchurch has been chosen, as one of 10 Hampshire locations, for a 20mph Residential Roads Pilot in 2013.

The aim is to improve the quality of life in residential areas.

The pilot always was a Residential Streets Pilot, the roads leading to the square are only being considered for two reasons, 1) nobody travels through the centre at over 20 mph anyway; 2) it reduces the cost to the taxpayer in installation costs for the pilot by including them.
As a result of the differing views, both for and against a 20 mph pilot, I personally toured (at my request) Whitchurch with the highways team on the project. and they assessed the right places, based on consultation with me (as the democratically elected member) and their expert knowledge.
I am very keen that the people, who live in Whitchurch, have the chance to express their views on next year's 20 mph pilot and I encourage anyone that receives a questionnaire to respond.

This is a map of where the 20 mph zone is intended to be implemented:
Tom Thacker
Hampshire County Councillor, Whitchurch and Clere Division